Have a question or 5(!) about the things your child is (or isn’t) doing? Losing sleep worrying? Or are you getting more and more confused with the opinions and advice from people who just don’t really know? Not to mention the panic every time you go on google!

You could get lost for hours in a Facebook group rabbit hole or ask other mums. But, they don’t have YOUR child! Why not cut out the hours spent stressing when you could be playing with your child and ask a professional? While I can’t offer physiotherapy services by email or Skype calls, I can lend my professional expertise in problem solving with you, making use of my extensive resources and experiences as a professional and fellow parent.

It’s like having a an expert on speed dial!

I really want to help and the best way to work out how is through a FREE call! So, for anything at all, get in touch and let’s arrange it. 



The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a mummy to 2 gorgeous children myself. I’ve struggled through (still am) my own sleepless nights & guilt fuelled parenting challenges – sleep issues, what baby gear to get, what to do when she just will not stop crying, screen time arguments, how on earth are you supposed to discipline a defiant and aggressive toddler, never mind pre-schooler, arty-crafty nightmares (I am so uncreative!) and the relentless search for ‘the right things to do’….. just like most parents I know!

I’ve also been a children’s physiotherapist for 16 years with specialised experience and training in baby and child development as well as extensive experience of working with children who have additional needs including cerebral palsy. I have been so fortunate to work with hundreds of families over the years and through my work, I’ve honed my skills of listening to parent concerns and questions, gathering important details about each unique child and then identifying and providing solutions to quickly and effectively make life easier!

Most importantly, I passionately believe that when we as parents really know and understand what our children need and why, we truly do change the way they learn and grow for the better.